2006 Dan Adamson for Governor Campaign
Plans for a Better Idaho

NOTE: The website was originally create for Dan Adamson for Governor Campaign during the 2006 Republican Idaho Primary. Dan Adamson came in second in the primary with 21% of the vote. C.L. "Butch" Otter won the Republican 2006 Idaho Primary and went on to win the Governor's seat. I covered this primary traveling around Idaho with both Dan Adamson and C.L. "Butch" Otter. AFter Butch won the Republican primary I followed not only his campaign team but also the other three candidates. The election was not without controversy, but many days were long with little happening. I often would roll into my room at some non descript motel and go online to read about the campaign's progress. The winters here can be brutal, and in some motels, the heat does not compensate so before I hit the road, I purchased a hooded North Face mens jacket from Bobs Sports Chalet which I often wore indoors! This jacket saved my hide on many occasions and every time I wear it I'm reminded how simple things can have huge impacts - like campaigns!

Getting back to the candidates: I admit I always had a soft spot for Dan Adamson and his platform. When I discovered that this domain had expired I decided to purchase with the goal of recreating the original site with archived 2006 content, as well as additional information regarding Dan Adamson.

2006 Republican Idaho Primary for Governor

Undecided about the IDAHO GOVERNOR Race?

DAN ADAMSON is the Best Choice on the Republican ticket

Dan Adamson for Governor Campaign: His Plans for a Better Idaho

  • A plan to spark better prices for farm products
  • Free enterprise zones would produce strong communities across Idaho
  • A simple plan to add millions to the education budget
  • Our children need more knowledge of religion and family values
  • Busting Idaho Power’s monopoly
  • Let’s consider an unborn child’s rights
  • A free offer to people who vote on May 23


Dan Adamson for Idaho Governor


I'm  Dan Adamson, and I think I’m the best Republican candidate for Idaho’ governor.

  1. I pledge to work for all Idaho’s citizens and not pander to big business interests.
  2. I pledge to make Idaho’s education system one of the best in the nation so our children can  have great careers and successful lives.
  3. I pledge to remove all school funding from Idaho property taxes.
  4. I pledge to fix the Idaho Department of Fish and Game so it better serves anglers and  hunters.
  5. I pledge to never allow Idaho’s public land to be sold off.
  6. I pledge to bring Free Enterprise Zones to Idaho with good paying jobs leading to a solid  economy. 
  7. I pledge to make Idaho’s tourism industry thrive. I want the world to know that Idaho is  the most beautiful place in the world.
  8. I pledge to work toward removing one of Idaho’s strongest political lobbies: Idaho Power,  a monopoly that undermines most policies regarding water policy and water  rights. Idaho must legally return a substantial portion of its most valuable  resource, water, to its citizens.
  9. I pledge to engage the brain trust of Idaho farmers to expand food exports. Our farmers are an untapped resource of innovation who have largely been unheard and  unappreciated by Idaho government.


Vote for me on May 23, 2006 and together we’ll make a better Idaho.



A 1979 graduate of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, Mr. Adamson received his Juris Doctorate Degree with specialty training in business consulting, business reorganization, and bankruptcy reorganization.

Mr. Adamson is an MBA graduate with distinction from the University of Utah. Since 1970, Mr. Adamson owned and operated several agri-business organizations and two major legal firms. In 1993, he founded Northwest Bec-Corp, (NWBC) a privately-owned company specializing in the management and delivery of healthcare through skilled nursing, psychiatric, and therapeutic services.

Mr. Adamson, by and through NWBC, is the owner-operator of twenty (20) healthcare facilities in eighteen (18) locations in Southeast & South Central Idaho, Northern and Southern California and Portland, Oregon. He has assisted in the founding of Northwest Pharmaceutical, Inc. in response to the need for better management of ancillary service delivery in long term care.

Mr. Adamson is one of the active leaders in such professional organizations as American Healthcare Association, the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Bar, and both the Utah and Idaho Federal District and State Bars.

Mr. Adamson has over 25 years of experience in the financial management of privately-owned and public corporations. He is an expert in business management having designed and redesigned, implemented, and managed both public and private organizations. He continually participates in setting industry standards in Idaho and has remained politically and educationally active in business, health care, and legal issues.


Dan’s Team

Ruth Adamson - Future 1st Lady of Idaho
John B. McNabb - Chairman of the Adamson for Governor Campaign
Dr. Sharon Kurz - Vice Chairman of the Adamson for Governor Campaign
Dr. Dwight Romriell - Treasurer of the Adamson for Governor Campaign
Joe Wilcox - Assistant Treasurer of the Adamson for Governor Campaign
Carleen Wellard - Administrative Assistant to Candidate Dan Adamson

Political Strategy Committee

Nancy Go - Vice Chairman
Dr. Greg Romriell - Chairman for the Political Strategy Committee
Jerel Adamson
Rodney Fonnesbeck
Rebecca Adamson - Recruiting Chair for HIP side of the Political Strategy Committee
Earl Romriell - Recruiting Chair for Conservative side of the Political Strategy Committee


D. Warren Adamson
Louis J. Adamson<
Jason HansenJosh Preston
Jason Hillier